Old Camera: New Camera

FullSizeRenderIn  August 2015 I dropped a big chunk of change and purchased the Canon EOS 5D Mark III Camera System.  To keep my costs down I purchased several Tamron lenses: 10-24mm; 24-70mm; 70-200mm; 150-600mm.  I took several camera classes to learn how to use all my new stuff as well.  Even though this system was big and heavy and cumbersome, I was determined to love my new camera and loudly proclaimed in my most stubborn and determined voice, “this will be my LAST camera system!”

Well, after four full days of photography in Yellowstone, Wyoming, in February, 2016, primarily using my Canon 5D with the 150-600mm lens, my already injured shoulder was now almost totally incapacitated and I had developed elbow tendonitis as well.  I had to ice my shoulder, take 3 ibuprofen, and apply a smelly old man menthol patch to my shoulder before leaving the hotel just to make it half way through the day….this big camera had unequivocally put an end to my pole dancing days.  So, I decided to eat my words and trade in ALL my almost new Canon camera equipment for the mirrorless Panasonic GH4 and several lenses.  For good measure, I added in the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 micro mirrorless camera as well.  HELLO lightweight new age camera system; GOOD BYE Old School cumbersome-heavy-you-kill-my-shoulder-and-I-hate-you Canon system…            I‘m hoping this will really be my LAST camera system (HA!).  Now to relearn everything!!IMG_4293[1]